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If you like useless book information, deep dives into reading psychology, and fun book facts you probably didn’t know, you’re in the right place.

House Lucia


House Lucia is a free community of like-minded bookish people. Want to become a member? I’d love to have you along for the ride!

What I Do

Books are my jam, but I don’t just love reading them.

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Videos on YouTube

I create YouTube videos and Instagram reels that uncover hidden book facts, delve into reading psychology, and explore the lifestyle of being a reader.

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Regular Book Reviews

I’m a mythology and fantasy enthusiast who has a deep love of retellings in all their forms. When it comes to these books, I go above and beyond to share them with my community.

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Run a Book Community

I run a book community on Discord called House Lucia. It’s a fun and safe space for us to enjoy monthly readathons, readalongs for new releases, and share our love for reading on a more personal level.

About Me

Hello, I'm Gina Lucia

Hey, I’m Gina Lucia! I’m a 30-something bookish YouTuber from the UK.

I started my bookish YouTube channel back in July 2020. It didn’t start out with bookish content, but as I created more videos, I found myself pulled toward my love for books.

About Gina

Since then, I’ve expanded to include a bookish Instagram account and book blog while working with publishers in the UK to promote up-and-coming books.

Publishers I’ve worked with:
michael joseph penguin
neem tree press

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